Reporting and Editing for Print

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Week- I
1. News2. Covering news3. Types of reporting4. Roles and qualities of reporter
Week - II
5. Crime Reporting6. Health, Civic, Political Reporting7. Civil administration reporting8. News agency Reporting
Week - III
9. Interview10. Dos and Don’ts of Interview11. Setting Interview12. Model Interview

Week - IV
13. News Leads14. Body of the Story15. Article and feature

Week - V
16. Difference between Article and Feature17. News Room18. Editing

Week - VI
19. News Headlines20. Language and Types of Headline21. Importance of Pictures22. Role of editors

Week - VII
23. Bureau24. Stylesheet25. Editorial
Week - VIII
26. Editorial Writing27. Editorials - Opinion Pieces28. Editorials - Op-Ed and Articles

Week - IX
29. Trends in Sectional News30. Week-end pullouts and Supplements31. Creative writing for news

Week - X
32. Backgrounders, Columns and Columnists33. Understanding media and news34. Sociology of news35. Paid News and Agenda setting
Week - XI
36. Pressures in the news room, trail by media, Gate keeping37. Objectivity and Politics of News38. Neutrality and Bias in News

Week - XII
39. Differences between Reporting for Print, Radio and Television40. Summary of Reporting and Editing for print