Renewable Energy Engineering: Solar, Wind and Biomass Energy Systems

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In this course an attempt has been made to standardize the course material and to emphasize on the fundamental of non-conventional energy sources (solar, wind, and biomass). Harnessing the energy through these sources using efficient technologies is expected to play an important role in serving as clean energy source for mankind. Thus, processes to harness energy are steadily gaining technical and economic importance worldwide. Therefore, it is necessary for energy planners/ users to know the facts as well as limitations of these technologies. This course aims at bringing the technological developments and research trends in the field of non-conventional energy sources with emphasis on engineering and design aspects. After attending this course students will have insight of biomass types, classifications, selective utilization of biomass resource for extraction of energy, bio-digester, wind machine and thermo-digester design.
The target audience for this course is
(i) BTech/MTech/PhD students or faculties from reputed academic and technical institutions interested in acquiring knowledge of solar, wind and biomass renewable energy systems
(ii) Those who are pursuing a career as a Chemical engineer/Mechanical engineer or Biosciences and Bioengineer designing renewable energy systems such as solar, wind and biomass systems
(iii) Executives, engineers and researchers from manufacturing, service and government organizations including R&D laboratories working in the area of energy engineering.PREREQUISITES : NoneINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :All Energy Industries and Energy Equipment Manufacturing Industries