Remote Sensing and GIS

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This course will introduce the students to the state-of-the-art concepts and practices of remote sensing and GIS. It starts with the fundamentals of remote sensing and GIS and subsequently advanced methods will be covered. This course is designed to give comprehensive understanding on the application of remote sensing and GIS in solving the research problems. Upon completion, the participants should be able to use remote sensing (Satellite images and Field data) and GIS in their future research work.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : UG, PG and PhD StudentsPRE-REQUISITES : NilINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Esri, Rolta India, RMSI Private Limited, ArcGeosystems



Week 1 : Remote Sensing Data and Corrections Week 2 : Satellite Image Corrections Week 3 : Digital Image Processing-I Week 4 : Digital Image Processing-II Week 5 : Thermal and Microwave Week 6 : Imaging Spectroscopy-I Week 7 : Imaging Spectroscopy-II & GIS-I Week 8 : GIS-II and Application

Thanks to the support from MathWorks, enrolled students have access to MATLAB for the duration of the course.