Reinforcement Learning for Trading Strategies

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  • Introduction to Course and Reinforcement Learning
    • In this module, reinforcement learning is introduced at a high level. The history and evolution of reinforcement learning is presented, including key concepts like value and policy iteration. Also, the benefits and examples of using reinforcement learning in trading strategies is described. We also introduce LSTM and AutoML as additional tools in your toolkit to use in implementing trading strategies.
  • Neural Network Based Reinforcement Learning
    • In the previous module, reinforcement learning was discussed before neural networks were introduced. In this module, we look at how reinforcement learning has been integrated with neural networks. We also look at LSTMs and how they can be applied to time series data.
  • Portfolio Optimization
    • In this module we discuss the practical steps required to create a reinforcement learning trading system. Also, we introduce AutoML, a powerful service on Google Cloud Platform for training machine learning models with minimal coding.