Rehabilitation after COVID-19

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  • The Science Of SARS-CoV-2
    • This module covers several topics associated with COVID-19 origins, clinical signs and symptoms, transmission, course, treatment and prognosis.
  • Medical Rehabilitation
    • This module provides basic medical rehabilitation techniques and advise to improve physical state after COVID-19 disease.
  • COVID-19 Stress and Adaptation
    • This module outlines significant factors associated with rehabilitation for COVID-19 patients and strategies to address risks.
  • Managing Emotional Impairments
    • This module provides advice on strategies to help patients and their families manage emotional impairment. As well as detect alarming symptoms requiring immediate special assistance.
  • Managing Cognitive Impairments And Behavioral Issues
    • This module describes factors that contribute to mental and physical well-being. It highlights cognitive problems common for people after recovery and proposes techniques to asses and improve cognitive functioning. Evidence-based techniques to reduce behavioral impairments are provided.