Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

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This Course provides a simple understanding of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning fundamentals. Ideally suited to those with a little or no knowledge of the subject. The course consists of different refrigeration cycles and understanding of psychrometry and psychrometric processes used for the purpose of air-conditioning. Further, the comfort air-conditioning and indoor environment health are also addressed in this course.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : UG & PG students of Mechanical & Civil Eng. and Architecture studentsPRE-REQUISITES : NilINDUSTRY SUPPORT : All HVAC industries



Week-1 : Recapitulation of Thermodynamics, Introduction to Refrigeration, Air Refrigeration Cycle, Aircraft Refrigeration Cycles.Week-2 : Aircraft Refrigeration Cycles,Vapour Compression Cycle,P-h Charts, Actual Vapour Compression CycleWeek-3 : Actual Vapour Compression Cycle,Compound Compression with Intercooling, Multiple Evaporator and Cascade System, Problem SolvingWeek-4 : Refrigerants, Vpour Absorption Systems.Week-5 : Introduction to Air-conditioning, Properties of Moist Air, Psychrometric Chart, Psychrometric Processes.Week-6 : Psychrometric Processes, Infiltration Design Conditions, Cooling Load.Week-7 : Cooling Load, Air Distribution System, Problem Solving, Air-Conditioning SystemsWeek-8 : Human Physiology, Thermal Comfort, Indoor Environmental Health, Problem Solving