Recent Advances in Freeform Electronics

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  • Fundamentals for Electronic Devices
    • Module 1 is the fundamentals of electronics devices. Solid physics and basic theory of MOSFET are covered.
  • Stretchable Electronics
    • Module 2 is Stretchable Electronics. Various approaches to form stretchable electronic devices are covered.
  • Transparent Electrodes
    • Module 3 is Transparent Electrodes. Conventional materials for transparent electrodes and their alternatives are covered.
  • Smart Sensors
    • Module 4 is the smart sensors. Carbon nanomaterials-based FETs and transparent, wearable electronic devices are covered.
  • Printed Electronics
    • Module 5 is printed electronics. Fundamentals of printing technologies and various electronics using E-jet printing are covered.
  • High Reliability for Deformable Electronics
    • Module 6 is High Reliability for Deformable Electronics. Newly developed materials for better reliability and their properties are covered.