Read BETTER FASTER: Triple Your Speed Reading In Just 7 Days

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>>> Goodbye Slow Reading FOREVER! <<<

Reading can be Faster, Fun and Fulfilling once you learn the BEST STRATEGIES taught inside this course!

What do you think of when you hear about Speed Reading? Do you imagine a person with their eyes running across the words on a page as their hand keeps turning the pages?

Speed reading is surely a skill that many people crave, especially those who love to read. On the other hand, most people don't know how they can develop this skill.

It takes a clear and open mind to learn speed reading correctly.

Nowadays, less than 1% of the adult population in the United States has a reading speed of more than 400 words per minute. An average person will usually have a speed of around 250 words per minute. 

Our conventional way of learning how to read teaches us to read one word at a time, and then the next one, and so on. We might think this is the only way to learn how to read fast, but this is not true.

My goal for this course is to teach you how to read at about 1,000 Words Per Minute which will automatically push you in the 1% Elite Readers. At this reading speed, you will be able to understand the text read with higher efficiency.

I divided this course into three parts:

    - The first part outlines the introduction to this course. Inside, you learn how to calculate your reading speed in just one minute, understand what the metric represents and how to improve it.

    - The second module of this course includes direct techniques to skyrocket your speed reading. Inside, you'll learn how to reduce eye fixations, how to read in groups of words and how to reduce vocalization.

    Speed reading is not a skill you need to use every time you read. At the end of this second module, you'll have eight situations when you should speed read and when you shouldn't.

    - The third and final module contains the key strategies of improving your comprehension, retention, and becoming an efficient reader.

All these efforts are geared for you to speed read at a comfortable speed of about 1,000 words per minute.

At the end, you'll have a clear blueprint that will help you simplify your workload and reading process by improving all four of its key elements: speed, focus, comprehension, and retention.

 This course is perfect for students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, perfect for you if you want to learn anything at least 3 times faster.

Read Better and Faster Masterclass contains more than 2 hours of full training, but you can pace it along with your convenient timeline. Your learning adventure begins immediately after enrolling this course. Take as much time as you need, and re-watch it as often as you like.

There are no previous requirements necessary, and we only ask you to watch, learn and implement.