R Programming and Tidyverse Capstone Project

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  • COVID-19 Data Analysis: Getting Started
    • This week, you will be introduced to the capstone project, and complete Part 1 of the project. In Part 1, you will import COVID-19 data provided by the New York Times to analyze how COVID-19 impacted the United States through case and death statistics.
  • COVID-19 Data Analysis: US State Comparison
    • Last week, you analyzed the number of cases and deaths throughout the United States. This week, you will turn your attention to specific states of your choice to understand how case and deaths rates differed state by state.
  • COVID-19 Data Analysis: Worldwide Data
    • COVID-19 was a global pandemic and during this final week you will import global COVID-19 data from Johns Hopkins University to investigate COVID-19 cases and deaths in other countries.