Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys

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  • Introduction and Unit 1: Overview of Standardized Interviewing
    • Introduction; Different types of questions, Measurement error in questions: Bias and variance; Standardized and conversational interviewing; From specifying a concept to asking questions
  • Unit 2: Response Process
    • Comprehension; Retrieval; Judgment; Response
  • Unit 3: Asking Factual Questions
    • Facts and quasi facts; Memory and recall; Asking sensitive questions; Mode, privacy and confidentiality
  • Unit 4: Measuring Attitudes
    • Context effects in attitude questions; Use of different scales; Offering don’t know options; Response order effects
  • Unit 5: Testing Questionnaires
    • Expert reviews and focus groups; Cognitive interviews; Behavior coding; Quantitative techniques
  • Unit 6: Putting It All Together
    • The questionnaire from start to finish; Things to put at the end; Mode Choice: Implementations for layout; Self-administered questionnaires