Quantitative Techniques for Management

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The present course has been specially designed for the students studying in the subject of Business Economy at CBCS undergraduate level. The course will cover the essential aspects of quantitative techniques useful in management viz: linear programming, Transportation and assignment problems, Dynamic and integer programming, Game theory, simulation techniques, Markov chain, and network analysis. The course will mainly emphasize the different methods of Operations Research (OR). By studying this course students will taught how the solution of the decision making problem can be find using the models of OR. There are some problems which cannot be solved by any traditional methods, in this case the methods of OR will be helpful. The course will emphasize especially the modern techniques along with their significance in the area of decision-making.


COURSE LAYOUT   Lecture 1: Introduction to Operation Research       Lecture 2: Linear Programming Problem       Lecture 3: Big M Simplex method Lecture 4: Transportation Problem Part-1     Lecture 5: Transportation Problem Part-2     Lecture 6: Assignment Problem Lecture 7: Dynamic Programming       Lecture 8: Integer Programming     Lecture 9: Game Theory     Lecture 10: Simulation     Lecture 11: Markov Process     Lecture 12: CPM/PERT Method     Lecture 13: Crashing     Lecture 14: Decision Theory     Lecture 15: Basic Inventory Model Lecture 16: Dummy Variables       Lecture 17: Introduction to Linear Programming & Problem Solving     Lecture 18: Linear Programming Problem Formulation & Interpretation (Part-I)     Lecture 19: Linear Programming Problem Formulation & Interpretation (Part-I)     Lecture 20: Use of Excel Solver for Linear Programming