Quantitative Technical Analysis

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Quantitative strategies are popular among hedge funds and institutional investors. As demonstrated in this course, they are also readily accessible to individual traders.

Fundamentals principles of technical analysis are incorporated into complete trading strategies during the course. Those strategies are objectively defined with an eight-step process that is used to create entry and exit rules. Less well-known aspects of system design including position sizing are also explored.

Discussion of strategy implementation includes risk management, system optimization and ongoing performance evaluation. Advantages and disadvantages of multiple methods of evaluating performance and risk are covered.

Strategies for equities and futures markets are developed using the design principles.

While systems are based on technical analysis, a process for incorporating fundamental data is also discussed. A complete strategy combining fundamental data and technical analysis is developed and as with other systems, the rules and historical returns are detailed.

In fact, complete rules for several systems are provided and detailed historic results of returns and risks are analyzed. Steps for improving performance or tailoring the strategy to suit an individual’s needs are reviewed.


  • Mod01 - Subjective vs Objective Analysis

  • Mod02 - Algorithmic Trading

  • Mod03 - Position Sizing

  • Mod04 - Implementing Quantitative Technical Analysis Strategies

  • Mod05 - The Turtle Strategy

  • Mod06 - Seasonal Concepts