Quantitative Marketing Research

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Week 01: Value and Willingness to pay

• Setting the Framework• Elements of Value• Value and Willingness to Pay (WTP)• An Example: WTP• From Problem Definition to Decision Making

Week 02: Indirect Measurements of Value

• Exaggeration Bias• Second Price Auctions• The Van Westendorp method• Conjoint Analysis

Week 03: Survey Design, Constructs and Scales• Defining Survey• Asking the Right Questions• Common Pitfalls in Survey Design• Construct Validation• Likert Scale• Cronbach’s Alpha

Week 04: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

• Defining STP• An Example: STP• k means clustering algorithm• Application of k means clustering to market segmentation

Week 05: Ethics of Marketing Research

• Ethical Dilemmas• Price Discrimination• Privacy and Targeted Advertising• Influencer Marketing