Quality Control and Improvement with MINITAB

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This course will provide a holistic view (with simultaneous emphasis on theory and illustrations/examples/cases) on various topics of Quality Control and Improvement using MINITAB software interface.
The first half of the course will discuss and illustrate (with examples) on varied concepts of Quality Control (e.g. QC tools, statistical process control, process capability, sigma level, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and MSA). Every concept will be linked with examples/cases. Analysis and solution for each example/case will be demonstrated using MINITAB software.The second part of course will discuss on process modelling (e.g. Multiple Regression) and Design of Experiments (DOE) for quality improvement. Varied business and industrial problems/scenarios/cases will be discussed, analyzed, and solved using MINITAB software. The course will also discuss multiple regression modelling (e.g. model development and model adequacy) approach with examples before elaborating applications of design of experiment techniques. The various design of experiment topics to be covered with examples/illustration in MINITAB are factorial designs, fractional factorial design, Taguchi method, and multiple response optimization.
Operations Management, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences PREREQUISITES : Basic Course on Statistics and Quality Management (Web or Video)INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Tata Motors Limited; Mahindra & Mahindra Limited; Maruti Suzuki Limited; Tata Steel Limited; Sundaram Clayton Limited; Ceat Limited; Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited; GE Global Research; General Motors Limited; Ford Motors Limited, Cummins Limited