Quality Control and Improvement with MINITAB

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Week 1: Introduction to Quality, Voice of the Customer, Kano Model, Quality Function Deployment, and Data Visualization with MINITABWeek 2: Pareto Chart, Cause and Effect Diagram, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, and Statistical Process Control using MINITABWeek 3: Attribute Control Charts, Process Capability Index, Process Performance, and Sigma Level using MINITABWeek 4: Basic Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, and ANOVA Analysis using MINITABWeek 5: One-way ANOVA , Linear Regression, and Multiple Regression using MINITABWeek 6: Multiple Regression (Continued), Basics on Design of Experiment, and Two-way ANOVA using MINITABWeek 7: Measurement System Analysis, and Factorial Design of Experiments using MINITABWeek 8: Blocking in Factorial Design, Response Surface Methodology, Multiple response Optimization, Fractional Factorial Design, and Taguchi Method using MINITAB