Qualitative Research

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  • Getting Started and Qualitative Research
    • In this module, you will be able to define qualitative research and distinguish it from quantitative research. You will be able to practice choosing from various methods for conducting qualitative research, recognize limitations of qualitative research, avoid associated risks and confidently decide to use qualitative market research when it is appropriate given a business question. You will be able to distinguish good and bad qualities for a qualitative researcher and be able to start secondary research for a qualitative investigation of a problem or project.
  • Design Qualitative Instruments and Plan Recruiting
    • In this module, you will be able to write questions applying best practices for qualitative research, design a moderator guide with all essential components, and design a screening questionnaire to identify suitable participants for your qualitative research. You will be able to use these instruments as you progress, and identify the best places and practices to recruit key informants and focus group participants.
  • Conduct a Focus Group
    • In this module, you will transition into applying what you’ve learned previously to conduct a focus group, from design to implementation. You will be able to clarify the purpose of focus groups for qualitative market research and learn associated best practices. You will be able to build on and use the instruments you designed in the previous module. Here you will write confirmation letters and talking points to get the right participants to show up for your focus group. You will be able to identify common pitfalls experienced moderators know and be able to avoid them. You will be able to practice the essential skills needed to moderate a focus group well.
  • Analyze, Interpret and Communicate Qualitative Market Research Data
    • In this module, you will be able to make decisions about transcription of a focus group, interpret focus group notes, analyze qualitative data to identify common categories and themes. You will be able to explain what goes into a focus group report including the appropriate words that are expected. You will be able to describe best practices and the components of a qualitative research report. You will also be able to develop qualitative findings that inform the improvement of a quantitative survey design, which helps bridge into the next course. This module is also where you will gather and polish the practice exercises you’ve been building all along to complete your course project: a qualitative market research Focus Group Report.