Psychology Of Bilingualism And Multilingualism

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Week 1: Introduction :Psycholinguistics of Bilingualism; Definitions and Types of Bilingualism.Week 2:Second Language Acquisition :Acquisition of the second language, critical period hypothesis, Acquiring phonology, morphology and syntax.Week 3:Perception and Comprehension:Semantic & conceptual representations in Bilinguals; Models of Bilingual Lexical Access and Word Recognition.Week 4:Bilingual Language Production :Model of monolingual and bilingual speech production; Selection and Lexicalisation; Experimental TasksWeek 5:Language Control in Bilinguals and Multilinguals:Langauge control as switching between two language systems; Activation and Deactivation of Language Systems; Selective and Non-Selective Frameworks of Bilingual Language Control.Week 6:Neuroscience of Bilingualism :Neural bases of bilingualism; neural consequences of bilingualism; neural reorganization & plasticity of bilingual networksWeek 7:Cognitive Consequences of Bilingualism :Bilingual and Executive Functions; Bilingualism and Memory; Bilingualism & Attention; Bilingualism and ThoughtWeek 8:Sociolinguistics of Bilingualism :Bilingual and Monolingual Communities; Bilingual Education & Literacy; Issues of Bilingual/Multilingual Identities