Psycho Social and Family Issues of Individuals with Visual Impairment

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This course familiarizes the learners about the issues of Individuals with Visual Impairment and related to Psychological and Sociological Implications of Visual Impairment. In addition this course focuses the Challenges faced by Visual Impaired persons and their Rehabilitation, Community Involvement for Inclusion. Besides, the course describes the involvement of parents along with teachers in the preparation of individualized education plan for their ward

After completing this course, the student-teachers will be able to
• describe the effect of birth of a child with visual impairment on the family• analyze the role of family and parental concerns related to their child with visual impairment from birth to adulthood• explain the role of parent, community partnership in the rehabilitation of a person with visual impairment• develop different skills to empower families in meeting the challenges of having a child with visual impairment• counsel the parents and the members to foster the education of visually impaired• tap support from family of the visually impaired in early stimulation, concept development and early intervention• involve parents in Individualized Education Plan(IEP) and Individualized Family Support Plan(IFSP)• be familiarize with the legal provisions and concessions pertaining to visual impairment• enhance prosocial behaviour among children with visual impairment



Week – I

1. Birth of a child with Visual Impairment and its Effects on Parents and Family Dynamics2. Parenting styles: Overprotective, Authoritative, Authoritarian and Permissive3. Stereotypic Attitudes Related to Visual Impairment and Attitude Modification

Week – II
4. Role of Family in Early Stimulation, Concept Development and Early Intervention5. Role of Siblings and Extended Family6. Choosing an Educational Setting
Week – III
7. Gender and disability8. Transition to Adulthood - Sexuality, Marriage and Employment9. Parent Support GroupsWeek – IV
10. Attitude of professional in involving parents in IEP and IFSC11. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Community Participation Rehabilitation (CPR)12. Legal, Policy Environment and Advocacy
Week – V
13. Vocational rehabilitation need and challenges14. Issues and Challenges in Rural Setting
Week – VI
15. Enhancing Pro-social behaviour16. Stress and coping strategies17. Recreation and leisure time management18. Challenges of adventitious visual impairment and Soft skills and social skills training
Week – VII
19. Influence of Development on the growing child20. Psychological and Social Implications of Visual Impairment - I21. Psychological and Social Implications of Visual Impairment - II
Week – VIII
22. Family Support and Community Involvement in Inclusive Education23. Psychological well-being & Formation of Identity and self-concept