Promoting Accessible Workplaces with Assistive Technology

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  • Week 1: Web Surfing with Assistive Technology
  • Week 2: Operating Systems and Assistive Technology
    • Workplaces and educational institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of inclusivity in their forces, and there are significant efforts being made to promote cultures of inclusivity. Despite that, the needs of disabled workers and students remain largely overlooked by a working society of abled persons even though great advances have been made in widely available Assistive Technology. In this course, learners will gain increased awareness of many types of disabilities represented in the workforce and educational institutions. Learners will learn about the Assistive Technology (AT) tools built into Microsoft and Windows products, including screen readers, Immersive Reader, Accessibility Checker, etc. as well as how to instruct in their use. Learners will become proficient in inclusive communication practices in the workplace or classroom by learning to construct accessible written materials and presentations. The course will offer audiovisual storytelling to encourage active learning about a world outside of “abled privilege.”
  • Week 3: Popular Software Programs and Assistive Technology
  • Week 4: Create Accessible Content