Promote the Ethical Use of Data-Driven Technologies

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  • Identify Data-Driven Emerging Technologies
    • The first module in this course will cover some of the major technologies that are currently emerging in the world today, particularly data-driven technologies. The module will also go over some of the concepts that are fundamental to understanding how these technologies are used, without going into too much technical detail.
  • Examine Legal and Ethical Privacy Concepts as they Relate to Data-Driven Technology
    • The second module in this course deals with the concept of privacy as it relates to data-driven technologies. You'll learn about the interaction of data and privacy from both a legal and ethical standpoint, as well as terms and concepts that surround these interactions.
  • Examine Types of Bias
    • This module outlines the concept of bias as it relates to data-driven technologies. In particular, it focuses on the types of biases out there, and how bias in data-driven technologies affects people and societies.
  • Examine Common Ethical Theories
    • This module will cover some of the major theories and concepts that are involved in the field of ethics. It will also tie those theories and concepts to their application in data-driven technologies like AI.
  • Examine Ethical Principles that Apply to Data-Driven Technology
    • This module will cover some of the major ethical principles. It will also demonstrate how to integrate those ethical principles in the organization.
  • Apply What You've Learned
    • You'll work on one or more projects in which you'll apply your knowledge of the material in this course to practical scenarios.