Project Planning: Putting It All Together

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  • Beginning the planning phase
    • You will learn how the course is structured, the benefits of planning and key components of the planning phase, the difference between tasks and milestones, and how to set milestones.
  • Building a project plan
    • You will learn why a project plan is necessary and what components it contains, how to create accurate time estimates and why they are important, and which tools and best practices to use to build a project plan.
  • Managing budgeting and procurement
    • You will learn what the components of a project budget are, how the budgeting process works, and how to manage a project budget. You will also explore how the procurement process works, what documentation is necessary, and how to obtain support and avoid ethical conflicts during the process.
  • Managing risks effectively
    • You will learn what risk management is and how it can help prevent project failure, what tools can help identify and manage risks, how to identify different types of risks and measure their impact on a project, and how to use a risk management plan to communicate and resolve risks.
  • Organizing communication and documentation
    • You will learn the elements of a simple communication plan and how to draft and manage one, why documentation helps create project team visibility and accountability, how to organize documents in one central place, and how to prepare for a job search by documenting experience and highlighting transferable skills.