Project Planning & Control

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This course will cover the basic concepts in Project Planning and Control with a focus on construction projects. The course is relevant to Civil Engineering senior level undergraduate as well as post-graduate students in the area of construction management. Practising engineers who are part of the planning team on construction projects will also benefit from the concepts covered in the course.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: UG/PG/Industry ParticipantsPRE-REQUISITES: Basic Mathematics with Probability and Statistics
INDUSTRIES APPLICABLE All leading construction companies



Week 1. Introduction, Course Context, Construction Project ManagementWeek 2.Time Management, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Gantt ChartsWeek 3.Duration Estimation, Network Representation & Analysis -1Week 4.Network Representation & Analysis -2; Two-Span Bridge: Scheduling, NetworkAnalysisand ApplicationWeek 5.Time-Cost Trade-off (Crashing)Week 6.Resource SchedulingWeek 7.Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM), Project Monitoring & ControlWeek 8.Project Monitoring & Control (Earned Value Concepts), Uncertainty in Project Schedules (PERT), Course Summary