Project Planning and Machine Learning

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  • Project Planning and Staffing
    • In this module I share with you my experience in product planning, staffing and execution. You will perform a product tear down, write a paper about your tear down and build a bill of materials (BOM) for that product.
  • Sensors and File Systems
    • In this module you will learn about sensors, and in this case, a temperature sensor. You will learn how to calibrate and then validate that a temperature sensor is producing accurate results. We will study how data is stored on hard drives and solid state drives. We will take a brief look at file systems used to store large data sets.
  • Machine Learning
    • In this module we look at machine learning (ML), what it is and how it works. We take a look at a couple supervised learning algorithms and 1 unsupervised learning algorithm. No coding is required of you. Instead I provide working source code to you so you can play around with these algorithms. I wrap up by providing some examples of how ML can be used in the IIoT space.
  • Big Data Analytics
    • In this module you will learn about big data and why we want to study it. You will learn about issues that can arise with a data set and the importance of properly preparing data prior to a ML exercise.