Project Initiation: Starting a Successful Project

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  • Fundamentals of project initiation
    • You will learn how the program is structured, understand the significance of a project’s initiation phase and describe its key components, and understand how to determine a project’s benefits and costs.
  • Defining project goals, scope, and success criteria
    • You will learn how to define and create measurable project goals and deliverables; how to define project scope, differentiate among tasks that are in-scope and out-of-scope, and avoid scope creep; and how to define and measure a project’s success criteria.
  • Working effectively with stakeholders
    • You will learn how to define project roles and responsibilities, complete a stakeholder analysis, and utilize RACI charts to define and communicate project team member responsibilities.
  • Utilizing resources and tools for project success
    • You will learn the typical resources needed to manage a project, recognize the importance of clear and consistent project documentation, understand the key components of project proposals and charters and develop a project charter, and evaluate various project management tools to meet project needs.