Programming in Python

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Week 1: Planning the Computer Program: Concept of problem solving, Problem definition, Program design, Debugging, Types of errors in programming, Documentation.

Week 2:Techniques of Problem Solving: Flowcharting, decision table, algorithms, Structured programming concepts, Programming methodologies viz. top-down and bottom-up programming.

Week 3:Introduction to Python: Structure of a Python Program, Elements of Python, Python Interpreter, Using Python as calculator, Python shell, Indentation. Atoms, Identifiers and keywords, Literals, Strings and Operators.

Week 4:Conditional Statements and Looping: Branching, Looping, Conditional Statement, Exit function, Difference between break, continue and pass.

Week 5:String Manipulation: Understanding string, Accessing Strings, Basic Operations, String slices, Function and Methods.

Week 6:List: Introduction to list, Accessing list, list operations, Working with lists, Function and Methods.

Week 7:Tuples:Introduction to tuple, Accessing tuples, Operations, Working, Functions and Methods.

Week 8:Dictionary:Introduction to dictionaries, Accessing values in dictionaries, Working with dictionaries, Properties, Functions.

Week 9:Python Functions: Defining a function, Calling a function, Types of functions, Function Arguments, Anonymous functions, Global and local variables, Organizing python codes using functions.

Week 10:Python Modules: Organizing python projects into modules, Importing own module as well as external modules, Understanding Packages, modules and external packages.

Week 11:Input-Output: Printing on screen , Reading data from keyboard , Opening and closing file , Reading and writing files , Functions.

Week 12:Exception Handling: Introduction to Exception, Exception Handling, Except clause, Try ? finally clause, User Defined Exceptions.