Programming for the Internet of Things Project

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  • Get Started
    • This section will answer questions you might have about the project assignment, the grading rubric, and what you can expect in the upcoming weeks together.
  • Capstone Design, Part 1
    • This module will assist you in selecting an idea for your Capstone project. There are many variables to consider in this decision so it's important to know the parameters and how they impact your choice. Your decision will then drive the content of the very first step in your Capstone project -- preparing a requirements specification.
  • Capstone Design, Part 2
    • With the requirements specification out of the way, it's time to turn your attention to the system-level design of your project. This module will walk you through the constraints your project will need to satisfy. You'll also be informed about how to consider alternatives to your design.
  • Capstone Design, Part 3
    • Naturally testing is a key component of any technical design. This module will walk you through the important aspects of a test plan for your design.
  • Capstone Design, Part 4 (OPTIONAL)
    • In this final module, you will have the option of actually building out and then demonstrating your final project. This module is optional because it requires you to have the necessary equipment.
  • Specialization Wrap-Up
    • Let's wrap up our time together as we have traveled through the specialization.