Professional Skills for International Business

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  • Creating A Positive First Impression
    • In week one we will look at workplace relationships and communication, including making a positive
      first impression, collaborative stakeholder relationships, verbal and non-verbal communication, and how technology can impact on these areas.
  • Becoming A Role Model In The Workplace
    • This week will introduce you to the concept of role models in the workplace, from what is involved in being a role model, to aligning professional behaviours and workplace culture. You will also be introduced to example of best practice role models at all levels of an organisation, and have the opportunity to reflect on your own professional behaviours and potential.
  • Effective Time and Resource Management
    • In this week we will be looking at a range of time management techniques, and how they can be applied. This week will also share ideas about how to prioritize and delegate tasks, including delegating upwards.
  • Networking
    • Week four will explore networking where you will have the opportunity to reflect on your
      personal brand, and how social networks can help in professional networking.