Product Design and Development

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Week1: Introduction to course, Product life-cycle, Product policy of an organization. Selection of a profitable product, Product design process,Product analysis.
Week 2: Value engineering in product design; Advantages, Applications in product design, Problem identification and selection, Analysis of functions, Anatomy of function.Primary versus secondary versus tertiary/unnecessary functions, Functional analysis: Functional Analysis System Technique (FAST), Case studies.
Week 3: Introduction to product design tools, QFD, Computer Aided Design, Robust design, DFX, DFM, DFA,Ergonomics in product design,.
Week 4: DFMA guidelines, Product design for manual assembly, Design guidelines for metallic and non-metallic products to be manufactured by different processes such as casting, machining, injection molding etc., Rapid prototyping, needs, advantages, working principle of SLA, LOM and SLS