Product Cost and Investment Cash Flow Analysis

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  • Introduction to Financial Principles
    • Overview of the course and introduction to key financial principles.
  • Costs and Cost Estimation Methods
    • Introduces types of costs and the break-even analysis; describes approaches to cost modeling and important cost estimation techniques.
  • Product Cost Analysis
    • Introduces types of inventory and how product cost is determined using the Job Cost and Activity-Based Cost methods.
  • Time Value of Money (TVM)
    • Introduces the concept of time value of money (TVM) as it applies to investment decisions; develops and demonstrates the expressions for the future value of an investment based on initial investments, compounding interest rates, and periods of time; uses analytical and spreadsheet models to solve for a variety of investment situations.
  • Application to Personal Finances
    • Applies the principles of finance and time value of money (TVM) to one’s personal finances. Investments such as stocks, bonds, and funds are introduced, along with the concept of price volatility and its relationship to risk. Asset allocation theory is described in the context of creating an investment portfolio. These principles are then put into practice through constructing a personal retirement plan spreadsheet and retirement plan portfolio.