Problem solving through Programming In C

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Week 1 :Introduction to Problem Solving through programs, Flowcharts/Pseudo codes, the compilation process, Syntax and Semantic errors, Variables and Data Types
Week 2 :Arithmetic expressions, Relational Operations, Logical expressions; Introduction to Conditional Branching
Week 3 :Conditional Branching and Iterative Loops
Week 4 :Arranging things : Arrays
Week 5 :2-D arrays, Character Arrays and Strings
Week 6 :Basic Algorithms including Numerical Algorithms
Week 7 :Functions and Parameter Passing by Value
Week 8 :Passing Arrays to Functions, Call by Reference
Week 9 :Recursion
Week 10 :Structures and Pointers
Week 11 :Self-Referential Structures and Introduction to Lists
Week 12 :Advanced Topics