Proactive Computer Security

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  • Information Sharing and Threat Intelligence
    • This module covers information sharing. Information sharing is an important tool to help organizations gather information from others so they can protect themselves.
  • Penetration Testing - Methodology
    • This module will cover the pen testing methodology. Not following a pen testing methodology may lead to false positives or worse, false negatives in a testing scenario.
  • Common Pen Testing Tools
    • This module will cover some of the tools used in the penetration testing methodology. These are just common tools used to gain information, find exploits and compromise systems. There are many more tools out there, but these are the most commonly used.
  • Proactive computer security management
    • This module will cover some of the other issues and concerns for those interested in proactive security. Legal issues are important for any level of management and administration to be concerned with. Planning goes a long way toward effective proactive computer security.
  • Exploiting OWASP Top 20 Controls
    • This is the course project. The goal is for you to compromise or gain data from a test system.