Privacy Law and HIPAA

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  • Privacy: Legal Issues, Landscape & Chronology
    • We begin our study of privacy and data protection with a brief look at the development of privacy law in the U.S. Then we examine the Fair Information Principles that provide the foundation of modern privacy and data protection programs.
    • How does a privacy law actually operate? This module looks at privacy and data protection in action, specifically using HIPAA as the framework.
  • Security & Breach Notification
    • What is data protection actually protecting us from? This module looks at the threats to data security and the processes that exist for dealing with a data breach.
  • Other Ways that Privacy is Regulated
    • As massive privacy breaches continue to happen, more regulatory bodies are taking on privacy concerns. This module examines the important role of the Federal Trade Commission, and concludes with a close look at the General Data Protection Regulation recently passed by the European Union.