Privacy in the USA

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  • Introduction
    • After having followed Privacy in the Western world you have become acquinted with the overall global legal system and the origins of privacy as a concept as well as privacy as a (human) right. This course deals with the constitutional and the overall legal system of privacy protection in the USA.
  • Overview History USA
    • Before we dive into the current situation of privacy and (personal) data protection we visit the roots of the US legal system related to privacy. By taking you through some of the most iconic and important American laws and rights we hope you realize the tremendous depth and range of the subject. Also we provide valuable insight in the development and basics of privacy law and regulation in the United States.
  • The Legal System
    • The American legal system can seem quite complex and confusing. However, to grasp the intricacies of privacy and data protection regulation it is important to know the basic concepts of American law. In this module we will start with the foundation of all legislation: the Declaration of Independence and the US constitution. From there we will advance to the consumer laws and Internet Service Provider laws to complete your background knowledge.
  • Constitution and Bill of Rights
    • This module will delve deeper into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Here you will learn privacy and data protection stemming from these rights and also how the legal development originated from their texts. You will go through various cases. Important verdicts and/or implications that shaped privacy and data protection will be dealt with.
  • Consumer Rights
    • We hope you have realized the huge role of consumer rights and consumer protection laws in the United States. Their essential property: they only apply to the area they are designed for. This means there can be huge discrepancies in privacy protection between for example your health care data, financial data & online data. In this module we will explore the wild west of the privacy legislation and their current place in personal data protection.
  • Telecommunications and Internet Service Providers
    • The 21st century is perhaps most aptly characterized by the rise and huge societal importance of the internet and 'social' media. Accompanying this rise of popularity also sparked the discussion of the all personal data that is suddenly online and how people's privacy should be respected and protected nonetheless. This final chapter deals with the issues and limitations and even visits the intelligence services' use and rights to your online data.
  • Examination
    • The final quiz and opportunity for you to demonstrate that you mastered the content of this course. Good luck!