Privacy in the USA

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Welcome to this course about privacy in the United States,

We are thrilled to see that you are interested in this follow-up course on 'privacy in the western world'. This course will drill down more in the privacy subject in US context.

Through video lectures and quizzes we endeavor to build a solid foundation for you to construct a well-founded opinion on privacy. Last but not least we sincerely hope you enjoy the course! Jan Smits


-After having followed Privacy in the Western world you have become acquinted with the overall global legal system and the origins of privacy as a concept as well as privacy as a (human) right. This course deals with the constitutional and the overall legal system of privacy protection in the USA. In the USA privacy is protected through different legal concepts, constitutional protection through the 4th Amendment plays a crucial role in protecting the US citizen against unjust governmental intrusion. As part of a myriad of consumer protection laws (e.g. health, financial) , privacy is also protected. And last but not least there a number of specific laws dealing with the (privacy) protection of all sorts of communications, such as mobile telephony, e-mail, searches, etc. The course only deals with the main legal concepts but this has been done in such a way that the learner will, after having successfully completed the course, be able to follow the legal developments in the USA. We hope you enjoy this course.

Overview History USA

The Legal System

Constitutional / Bill of Rights

Consumer Rights

Telecommunications and ISPs