Print and Broadcast journalism

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Print and Broadcast Journalism
(Course Schedule)

Week 1

1. Concept and Importance of Journalism

2. Type of Journalism

3. Development Journalism

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Week 2

4. Citizen Journalism

5. Photo Journalism
6. Online Journalism

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Week 3

7. Role and Responsibility of a Journalist

8. Ethical Aspects of Print & Broadcast Journalism
9. Media Policies and Law

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First Assignment

Week 4

10. News: Definition, Concept and Elements

11. Writing Different Types of News

12. Component of News Writing

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Week 5

13. Style of News Writing

14. Different Forms of Journalistic Writing

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Week 6

15. Writing Skills for Opinion Piece/Feature

16. Writing Skills for Editorial & Farm News

17. Writing Skills for Press note/ Press Release

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Second Assignment

Week 7

18. Scope and Challenges in Print Journalism

19. Basic Terminology Used in Print Journalism

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Week 8

20. The Basics of Reporting

21. Types of Reporting

22. News Gathering Techniques

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Week 9

23. Qualities of Reporter

24. Meaning, Objective and Principles of Editing

25. Function and Responsibility of the Editor


Third Assignment

Week 10

26. Use of Graphics and Cartoon in Print Media

27. Editing Style and Layout

28. Copy Editing

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Week 11

29. Proof Reading

30. Characteristics of Radio News
31. Different Types of Radio Formats

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Week 12

32. Broadcast Writing Style for Radio Programme

33. Script Writing and Layout for Radio

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Fourth Assignment

Week 13

34. Characteristics of TV News

35. Different Types of TV Formats

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Week 14

36. Broadcast Writing Style for TV Programme

37. Script Writing and Layout for TV

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Week 15

38. Developing Storyboard for TV Programme

39. TV Programme Production

40. Basic Terminology Used in Broadcast Journalism

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Fifth Assignment