Principles of Signal Estimation for MIMO/ OFDM Wireless Communication

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Signal estimation theory provides a wide variety of tools and techniques which form the basis for several key applications in modern wireless communications and signal processing. Various signal processing procedures in communication systems such as channel estimation, equalization, synchronization etc, which are also employed in MIMO-OFDM based 3G/ 4G wireless systems, are based on fundamental concepts in estimation theory. Further, recent research developments in areas such as wireless sensor networks also employ several tools from estimation theory towards distributed parameter estimation etc. Therefore, principles of estimation are naturally of a significant interest in research and industry. A clear grasp of the basic principles of estimation can significantly enhance understanding by providing deeper insights into various techniques in signal processing and communication. Beginning with a brief overview of the basic concepts of maximum likelihood (ML) and Least Squares Estimation (LS), this course will comprehensively cover several applications of estimation theory in wireless communications such as channel estimation, equalization, MIMO, OFDM. Further, we will also cover Bayesian Estimation, MMSE, LMMSE principles.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Can be both core or elective. Core course for students in Signal Processing and Communications stream. Both UG/ PG can be allowed.
PREREQUISITES : BE/ME/MS /PhD can be allowed Basic knowledge of - Probability, random variables - Linear Algebra, DSP
INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Most companies in wireless communications area should find this useful. Examples are Qualcomm, Broadcom, Intel etc.



Week 1- Basics of Estimation, Maximum Likelihood (ML)Week 2- Application: Wireless Sensor Network, Reliability of EstimationWeek 3- Application: Wireless Fading Channel Estimation, Cramer-Rao Bound for EstimationWeek 4- Vector Parameter Estimation, Properties of Estimate; Applications: Multi-antenna Wireless Channel EstimationWeek 5- Application: MIMO Wireless Channel Estimation, Error Covariance of Estimation, Equalization for Frequency Selective ChannelsWeek 6- Application: OFDM Estimation, Sequential EstimationWeek 7- Minimum Mean-Squared Error (MMSE) Estimate, Gaussian ParameterWeek 8- Application: Wireless Sensor Network, Wireless Fading Channel EstimationWeek 9- Application: MMSE Estimation for Multi-Antenna ChannelWeek 10- Application: MMSE for MIMO Channel Estimation, Properties of EstimateWeek 11- Application: MMSE for Equalization of Wireless ChannelWeek 12- Application: MMSE for OFDM Channel Estimation