Principles of Seed Technology

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Week- I
1. Seed Structure2. Seed Development and Maturation3. Seed Germination

Week - II
4. Seed senescence- causes, quality characters5. Principles of Quality seed production

Week - III
6. Factors affecting quality seed production7. Causes of varietal deterioration and maintenance of genetic purity during seed production

Week - IV
8. Seed production in rice varieties and hybrids9. Seed Production in Sorghum Varieties and Hybrids10. Seed Production in Pearl Millet Varieties and Hybrids

Week - V
11. Seed production in Maize12. Hybrid seed production in Maize

Week - VI
13. Seed Production in Pulses (Black gram and Green Gram and Red gram)14. Seed Production in Groundnut and Gingelly15. Seed Production in Sunflower Varieties and Hybrids16. Seed Production in Cotton

Week - VII
17. Seed Production in Solanaceous Vegetables18. Seed Production Techniques of Bhendi and Onion19. Seed Production in Cucurbits (Snake Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Ash Gourd, Ridge Gourd and Pumpkin)

Week - VIII
20. Post harvest handling of seeds - Threshing methods - Drying methods-advantages and disadvantages21. Seed processing principles and sequencing22. Seed Enhancement Technologies (Coating, Priming, Pelleting & Hardening)