Principles of Mechanical Measurement

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Measurement is always of fundamental significance to the practicing engineers. For the development of any mechanical design procedure, experiments are of paramount interest. Accordingly measurement and correct interpretation of the concerned observation are necessary part of any standard engineering task and also R&D. Present course will introduce the students to the fundamentals of measurement, discussing about various relevant concepts & terminologies. The mathematical background required to categorize & analyze various measurement devices will be prepared and a very pertinent discussion on digitalization will be presented. Subsequently several classical and modern procedures for measuring parameters of scientific interest, such as displacement, motion, stress, force, flow, pressure, temperature etc., will be discussed in detail.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Undergraduate students of Mechanical Engg. and similar branches; Faculty member associated with Mechanical Engg.; Practicing engineers associated with production/manufacturing industries.PREREQUISITES : No specific pre-requisite. Fundamental knowledge of Mechanics and basics of Mathematics should be sufficient.l
INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Measurement is a topic of fundamental interest in engineering and hence any engineering firm & concerned industry should find this course interesting & valuable.