Principles of Downstream techniques in Bioprocess

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The course covers the fundamentals, and design concepts of various down stream purification steps (unit operations) involved in a biochemical process. Down stream process is required to take a crude product from a fermentor or a bioreactor and purify it to the desired level. Hence it may involve solids, liquid and gas processing.The course covers cell breakage and recovery of intracellular material, Isolation of solids, Product recovery, Product enrichment/purification, Product polishing and finishing. This course is suitable for students pursuing their biotechnology, bioprocess engineering or other allied fieldThis course is also suitable for chemical engineers who would like to learn about separation techniques in biotechnology industries. The course will consist of lectures and solving problems. Problems will relate to design, estimating operating conditions and optimization of the process.

PREREQUISITES :Basics of biochemical engineering and thermodynamics



Week 1 :Lec-01 Introduction Lec-02 Mass balance, Heat Balance, flow sheet
Lec-03 Costing
Week 2 :Lec-04 Costing (continued), Physical and chemical principles in Downs stream Lec-05 Problems in Mass balance, flow sheet
Lec-06 Cell Breakage
Week 3 :Lec-07 Cell Breakage (continued) Lec-08 Solid Liquid Separation
Lec-09 Solid Liquid Separation (continued)
Week 4 :Lec-10 Solid Liquid separation-problems Lec-11 Pre-treatment and Filters
Lec-12 Adsorption
Week 5 :Lec-13 Adsorption (continued) Lec-14 Adsorption (continued)
Lec15 Adsorption (continued)
Week 6 :Lec-16 Liquid-Liquid Extraction Lec-17 Liquid-Liquid extraction (continued)
Lec-18 Liquid-Liquid extraction (continued)
Week 7 :Lec-19 Liquid-Liquid extraction (continued) Lec-20 Reversed micellar and aqueous two phase extraction
Lec-21 Membranes
Week 8 :Lec-22 Membranes (continued) Lec-23 Membranes (continued)
Lec-24 Membranes (continued)
Week 9 :Lec-25 Precipitation Lec-26 Chromatography
Lec-27 Chromatography (continued)
Week 10 :Lec-28 Chromatography (continued) Lec-29 Chromatography (continued)
Lec-30 Chromatography (continued)
Week 11:Lec-31 Chromatography (continued) Lec-32 Chromatography (continued)
Lec-33 Crystallisation
Week 12 :Lec-34 Drying Lec-35 Drying and Distillation
Lec-36 Future trends, Summary of the course