Principles Of Downstream Techniques In Bioprocess

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Week 1 :Lec-01 Introduction Lec-02 Mass balance, Heat Balance, flow sheet
Lec-03 Costing
Week 2 :Lec-04 Costing (continued), Physical and chemical principles in Downs stream Lec-05 Problems in Mass balance, flow sheet
Lec-06 Cell Breakage
Week 3 :Lec-07 Cell Breakage (continued) Lec-08 Solid Liquid Separation
Lec-09 Solid Liquid Separation (continued)
Week 4 :Lec-10 Solid Liquid separation-problems Lec-11 Pre-treatment and Filters
Lec-12 Adsorption
Week 5 :Lec-13 Adsorption (continued) Lec-14 Adsorption (continued)
Lec15 Adsorption (continued)
Week 6 :Lec-16 Liquid-Liquid Extraction Lec-17 Liquid-Liquid extraction (continued)
Lec-18 Liquid-Liquid extraction (continued)
Week 7 :Lec-19 Liquid-Liquid extraction (continued) Lec-20 Reversed micellar and aqueous two phase extraction
Lec-21 Membranes
Week 8 :Lec-22 Membranes (continued) Lec-23 Membranes (continued)
Lec-24 Membranes (continued)
Week 9 :Lec-25 Precipitation Lec-26 Chromatography
Lec-27 Chromatography (continued)
Week 10 :Lec-28 Chromatography (continued) Lec-29 Chromatography (continued)
Lec-30 Chromatography (continued)
Week 11:Lec-31 Chromatography (continued) Lec-32 Chromatography (continued)
Lec-33 Crystallisation
Week 12 :Lec-34 Drying Lec-35 Drying and Distillation
Lec-36 Future trends, Summary of the course