Principles of Combing, Roving preparation & Ring spinning

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Week 1: Flow chart of combed spinning process, objectives of combing , consequence of short fibres in cotton , segregation principleof short fibres from longer ones, Combing operations and its classification, sequence of operation, Timing diagramWeek 2: Pre-combing operation, Comber lap formation, Design features and working principle sliver lap & ribbon lap machines, Draft and its influence on lap quality. Structure and design feature of combing machine. Working principle , Design features of combing machine elements ( lap feed roller, cylinder comb, top comb, nipper assembly, detaching roller, sliver table, drafting rollers, coiling arrangement)Week 3: Mechanism for lap feed, nipper assembly movement, detaching roller movement, and cylinder comb Web structure , condensation, sliver guidance & drafting processWeek 4: Theory of noil extraction fro forward and backward feed machines, Influence of process parameters on combing efficiency Productionand draft calculation Week 5: Objects of roving frame, Machine configuration, working principle Drafting system, drafting elements (cradle, aprons, condenser etc.)Week 6: Flyer construction, presser , twisting , flyer top , twist diameter count relationship Bobbin geometry , Operation for bobbin building,Winding process, winding equation, Bobbin leading vs flyer leading frameWeek 7: Variable speed drive, Differential gear Building motion: function and workingWeek 8: Drive analysis, motion flow,Ring frame : machine configuration, various components, working principleWeek 9: Drafting, Drafting elements, drafting angle, Difference between speed frame and ring frame drafting system, break draft and main
draftdistribution Twisting and winding principle, twisting winding equation, twist flow, winding tensionWeek 10: Bobbin building : bobbin geometry, Nature of ring rail movement, winding and binding layer, Formation of base and conical bottom. Ringand traveler: types , purpose, traveler numberWeek 11: Spindle : construction, drive, Spinning geometry, spatial location of elementsWeek 12: Balloon mechanics, Tension in balloon yarn, balloon size, End breaks, non uniformity, causes & remedies