Principles of Bio Technology

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Week- I
1. Revisiting the History and Concepts2. Considering nutritional requirements3. Introducing Morphogenesis
Week - II
4. Identifying basic types of tissue culture5. Identifying allied types of tissue culture techniques6. Examinng the Structure of Nuclieic Acid

Week - III
7. Introducing DNA Processes8. Understanding the Basics of a Gene9. DNA Sequencing methods

Week - IV
10. Exploring the fundamentals of a recombinant DNA11. Examining the vector elements of DNA12. Manipulating DNA enzymes

Week - V
13. Constructing recombinant DNA molecules14. Designing plant transformation15. Familiarizing with reporter genes and promoters

Week - VI
16. Analysing the methods of indirect gene transfer17. Analyzing methods of direct gene transfer

Week - VII
18. Introducing the structure of antibodies19. Identifying the structure of an antigen20. Comparing antibody and antigen

Week - VIII
21. Familiarising with Monoclonal and Polyclonal antibodies22. Applying hybridoma technology