Principle of Hydraulic Machines and System Design

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Principle of operation of hydraulic machines and their system design is important from the perspective of their huge applications in different industries. Present course introduces the students to the fundamentals of hydraulic machines. Starting from the operational principle, students will be gradually familiarized with different concepts like velocity triangle, net head developed, finally leading to the design of their system. Important topics such as design of pumping system of two dissimilar pumps, which find practical relevance as well, will also be discussed.
INTENDED AUDIENCE:Undergraduate students of Mechanical/Electrical/Civil Engg. (5th semester onwards) and postgraduate students specializing in the thermofluids/Fluid Mechanics; industry personnel associated with pump industries; faculty members associated with Mechanical/Electrical/Civil enggPREREQUISITES: Basic UG-level Fluid Mechanics
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) ,Tata Steel Limited. (TATA STEEL) ,KSB Pumps Limited (KSB), Worthington Pump India Limited (WPIL), Power Plant Industries,Any company associated with design & fabrication of components/accessories of pumps and pumping system.



Week 1 : Principle of operation of hydraulic machinesWeek 2 : Radial and axial flow pumpsWeek 3 : Radial flow pump operational issuesWeek 4 : Pump Design: Degrees of reactionWeek 5 : Pump characteristics and system designWeek 6 : Positive displacement pumpWeek 7 : Hydraulic Turbine: Impulse TurbineWeek 8 : Hydraulic Turbine: Reaction Turbine