Presentation skills: Public Speaking Project

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Everything comes together in the Capstone: story, slides and delivery. You will draft a complete script of your presentation. With the advice of your peer readers, you will revise, rewrite, and complete it. Then the same thing will happen with your slides. And finally you will deliver it to a real audience recording it on camera and get valuable feedback from your peers.

We highly suggest not to do a «fake project», but choose a topic that matters to you, so in the end you will have a polished presentation of something that is important to you. Whether it is an idea, a business project, a product or some other complicated matter.

If you are to revise some other work, please, write with an intention to help. Say what a peer should stop or start doing, add or remove from their script or slides.


-Your 1st task is to deal with topic and goals for your presentation

-Your 2nd task is to write down a mind-map of your presentation structure.

-Your 3rd task is to design slides for your presentation.

Preliminary Presentation
Your 4th task is to prepare a bundle “slides + script” and let your peers review it.

Live Delivery
-The 5th task is Live Delivery — record a 15-20 minutes presentation.