Preparing for Your Professional Cloud Security Engineer Journey

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  • Introduction
    • Welcome to Preparing for Your Professional Cloud Security Engineer Journey.
  • Configuring Access Within a Cloud Solution Environment
    • Learn how to set up the Organization, Folder, and Project hierarchy. Epxlore Organization policies and defining service accounts, groups, and custom IAM roles and binding custom or predefined roles to users, groups, and service accounts.
  • Configuring Network Security
    • Learn how to deifne VPC architecture for the Organization to ensure appropriate resource isolation, firewall rules to control/restrict traffic flow into and out of these VPCs, and private IP connectivity to resources in VPCs.
  • Ensuring Data Protection
    • Learn how to define DLP and VPC service controls process for the Organization as well as the Encryption and key management scheme.
  • Managing Operations in a Cloud Environment
    • Learn about automating Google Cloud security features into the organizational CICD flow and utilizing Logging and Monitoring for security forensics and alerting.
  • Ensuring Compliance
    • Explore organizational security design considerations to satisfy specific compliance/regulatory requirements (SOC2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA).
  • Your Next Steps
    • Course review and next steps in your PCSE Journey.