Preparing for Graduate Study in the US: A Course for International Students

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Learn about graduate school in America with the University of Michigan

Going to graduate school in America?

This course will provide you with the information and English skills you need to start your international graduate studies in the US with confidence.

Find out what to expect from a postgraduate study abroad program in America

On this course, you’ll prepare yourself in a variety of ways for a study abroad program in America.

You’ll pick a US college or university graduate program (either one you’re already admitted to or one you hope to be admitted to) and use it as a case study for your learning throughout the course.

Under the guidance of lead course educator Pamela Bogart – a faculty member at the University of Michigan English Language Institute – you’ll build your English communication skills and learn about what to expect from your time at your target graduate school.

Practice your academic writing skills in English for graduate study abroad

You’ll benefit from Pamela’s expertise in supporting graduate students with their writing skills in English as you learn about English academic writing and how to do research in English.

Through discussion and practice assignments, you’ll have lots of opportunities to practice your English language skills for American campus life and the day to day interactions you may have at university in America.

Learn from the study abroad experiences of other international graduate students in the US

Through FutureLearn’s social online learning platform, you’ll have the chance to meet other prospective graduate students and hear from experienced international graduate students in the US.

You’ll practice sharing your hopes for the course and expertise in conversation with each other.

This course is designed for anyone planning to study abroad at a graduate school in America.

It will be particularly useful for ESL students.