Predictive Modeling and Transforming Clinical Practice

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  • Introduction: Clinical Prediction Models
    • Learn about the many types of clinical prediction models that exist and how they are put into practice.
  • Tools: Ensuring Model Usability
    • Understand how qualitative methods can be used to develop clinical prediction models that are more likely to transform clinical practice.
  • Techniques: Model Implementation and Sustainability
    • Learn about the different tools that are used to implement clinical prediction models in practice and the factors that affect implementations over time.
  • Techniques: Data Selection, Model Building, and Evaluation
    • Understand how the different types of clinical data can be used in prediction models and learn how choices made during model construction affect the utility of the model in practice.
  • Practical Application: Developing a Clinical Prediction Model
    • Put your new skills to the test - develop a clinical prediction model to asses risk of death during a stay in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) stay.