Predictive Analytics and Data Mining

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  • Module 0: Get Ready & Module 1: Drowning in Data, Starving for Knowledge
    • This module will introduce you to the most common and important unsupervised learning technique – Clustering. You will have an understanding of different applications of clustering analysis after this module. You will also learn when we need clustering and why it is important. Then, you will be introduced to a variety of clustering methods.
  • Module 2: Decision Trees
    • In this module, we will discuss how to use decision trees to represent knowledge. The module concludes with a presentation of the Random Forest method that overcomes some of the limitations (such as high variance or low precision) of a single decision tree constructed from data.
  • Module 3: Rules, Rules, and More Rules
    • This module will focus on three key topics, namely rules, nearest neighbor methods, and Bayesian methods. Over the course of this module, you will be exposed to how rules factor into the world of data and how they play a role in the analysis of data. The second and third topics focus on the classification of data.
  • Module 4: Model Performance and Recommendation Systems
    • In this module, you will study tools for recognizing what to recommend, and identify cross-sell or upsell opportunities. As the last module of the course, we will wrap up the content so far and you will get an opportunity to practice on your own and learn how to adapt these models to drive business impact in your own organizations.