Practicing Gratitude Teach-Out

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Unlock the power of gratitude with this positive psychology training Teach-Out

This 1-week course will teach you how to express gratitude and integrate positive psychology methods into your life, even during times of crisis.

Learn how to establish a gratitude practice

As we go through challenging times, it’s helpful to use positive, habitual wellbeing practices to improve and manage our mental health. However, many of us might find it difficult to integrate positivity and gratitude into our lives without it feeling hollow.

This Teach-Out from the University of Michigan offers expert insights into the science of gratitude: what practices work, the results they can have in our lives, and how to bring gratitude into your life, despite the challenges you may be facing.

Discover positive psychology interventions and techniques to improve wellbeing

You’ll be introduced to the science of positive psychology and explore why gratitude and positive wellbeing practices are important not only despite the realities we live in but because of them.

You’ll build daily habits that incorporate gratefulness and learn about effective interventions for bringing gratitude into your life.

Get positive psychology training with the University of Michigan

This course is delivered by leading academics and practitioners from the University of Michigan and other peer institutions.

You’ll be learning with world-class research and insights from some of the foremost pre-eminent experts in the fields of positive psychology, organizational psychology, and wellbeing.

This Teach-Out is designed for anyone.

It’s for you even if you don’t think positivity is possible right now and you’re new to the idea of gratitude practices.

The course also offers new insights which will develop the gratitude practices of those who already routinely use positive psychology in their lives.