Practical Machine Learning with Tensorflow

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This will be an applied Machine Learning Course jointly offered by Google and IIT Madras. We will cover the basics of Tensorflow and Machine Learning in the initial sessions and advanced topics in the latter part. After this course, the students will be able to build ML models using Tensorflow. INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any Interested Candidates PREREQUISITES: Programming in Python, Data Mining or Machine Learning or Data Science



Week 1: Getting started with TensorflowWeek 2: Overview of Machine Learning (Process and Techniques, Demonstration of ML concepts with Deep Playground)
Week 3: Data Input and Preprocessing with Tensorflow
Week 4: Machine Learning Model Building
Week 5: Prediction with Tensorflow
Week 6: Monitoring and evaluating models using TensorboardWeek 7: Advance Tensorflow (Building custom models - CNNs, Scaling up for large datasets)
Week 8: Distributed training with hardware accelerators