PowerBI Report Development Crash Course

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In this project, we will see in detail the steps required to create a PowerBI report using PowerBI Desktop and also we will publish this report on PowerBI service in the respective workspace.

This project is designed for beginners who have no idea about PowerBI so they can quickly get a glimpse of how to create a report in PowerBI.

- PowerBI Account

Here is a brief description of the tasks we are going to perform in this project:

Task1: Get Data
In this task we will first see an overview of PowerBI Desktop and then using PowerBI Desktop we will connect to the source data using the Get Data option. At the end of this task we would have imported all the source data in PowerBI Desktop

Task2: Create Relationship & Calculated Columns
In this task, we will create relationships between different source tables imported in PowerBI. In this process of creating relationship, we will also see how to created a calculated column using DAX query language.

Task3: Customize field level properties
In this task, we will explore and customize different field level properties like datatype, summarization, hidden etc.

Task4: Create visualizations in report
In this task, we will see how to create different visualizations in the report. We will also see how to add filters or slicers. We will explore visualizations like line chart, pie chart, table etc.

Task5: Publish report to PowerBI service
In all previous tasks, we have developed the report in PowerBI Desktop which is the local application installed on our desktop. In this task, we will see how to publish the task in power bi service.

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